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Shredded Nutrition Group

The Shredded Nutrition Group, is a comprehensive success system for reaching your dietary goals. By providing 24/7 access to our coaches, we are able to provide the guidance and support to change your life. We will hold your hand and guide you through in depth goal setting, and dietary plan of attack to mirror your specific needs.

Shredded Workouts

Shredded Workouts provides an individualized approach to training. Taking into consideration goals, schedule, and movement pattern, a unique plan is create specifically for you. To optimize your results, individual feedback, in-depth instructional videos, and tracking documents are provided.

Seminars & Speaking Series

Our Seminar and speaking series provides an in-person touch to our coaching. We have a large variety of topics and discussions, and will sure deliver a presentation of a lifetime. We promise to leave the audience motivated, smiling, and with a new found wealth of fitness knowledge.

Athlete Performance

Our Athlete Performance training program provides an in depth, and personalized approach to training. Understanding functional movements, muscular restrictions, and sport specific ideologies. Whether youth, high school, college, or professional, we provide the perfect plan tailored specifically for you.

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Our Mission

Our Commitment To Give Everyone The Life They Deserve
"I Love Inspiring People, And If I Can Make A Difference In One Person's Life, That's A Success"

With over 30 years of combined training experience, Mike Fernandes and Chris Cobb have influenced and drastically transformed thousands of clients. Their unique approach to training and nutrition has sky rocketed their popularity, and landed them in international publications, such as: Men's Fitness, Women's Fitness UK, as well as CBS, NBC, ABC, and countless local publications.

But they are not yet satisfied. The world is scary place, wars being fought everyday, thousands of lives lost. And one of the biggest battles is not even being combated. Obesity is an international epidemic. Over 74% of this country is overweight, directly contributing to over 21 billion dollars in health care usage, and an ever increasing rate of premature death. 4 of the top 6 causes of death are believed to be mostly preventable, and their catalyst is obesity. (Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer). These diseases contribute to millions of loved ones lives being lost prematurely each year. And sadly enough, the youth of today are expected to exponentiate these numbers. Many scientists believe for the first time in U.S history, future generations life expectancy will decrease over time.

Mike and Chris are placing themselves on the front line, in the battle against obesity. They plan to create the biggest ripple in terms of health and fitness as they can. Using their extremely unique and efficient fitness ideology, they hope to impact millions of lives.

In order to do this, Mike and Chris have streamlined their skills and expertise so they can be utilized across the globe. By creating accessible and affordable online comprehensive fitness systems, as well as thorough trainings and seminars, they plan to have a profound effect on society.

So the question to ask yourself, are you ready to join them? Are you prepared to invest time into yourself to increase the quality of life for you, your family, and your loved ones?

Contact Us or check out Our Systems to see how you can help create a ripple effect.

  • Overweight (74% Of U.S)
  • Obese (36% Of U.S)
  • Heart Disease (25% of U.S)
  • Diabetes or Stroke (25% of U.S)

Our Team

Dedicated Team, Committed To Changing The World
Christopher Cobb
Co-Founder, Elite Training Solutions
"I want to show people how easy it is to achieve their dreams if they train smart, and trust the system."

-Christopher Cobb
Mike Fernandes
Co-Founder, Elite Training Solutions
"I know what works, and I know what does not. Now its time to share this with the world, and change as many lives as I can."

-Mike Fernandes
Heather Rutko
Nutrition Coach
\”There is no greater feeling than seeing a client realize they are not just changing a diet, but rather their life.\”

-Heather Rutko
Alicia Frick
Nutrition Coach
\”Diet is more mental then physical, it is not who you are that depicts failure and success, it is who you think you are not.\”

-Alicia Frick

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